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"Deerhurst Resort... celebrating 100 years of Hospitality"
Special segment in the Muskoka Sun, Junly 25th, 1996

"Summertime Was Cottage Time"
Courtesy Orv Lyttle
"Cottage time was Logynn, the family log cottage situated on Wolf Bay, Peninsula Lake in Muskoka. My father, Rev. Dr. James A Lyttle, purchased the lodge in 1928..."

"Tattle Tales of Muskoka" by Joe Cookson - chapter on Sailing Days on the Lakes

"Tattle Tales of Muskoka" by Joe Cookson - chapter on the Rise and Fall of the Flagship (The Algonquin)

Stories of the Past - Huntsville Forrester - Our first trip to the cottage - 1904, Written by Mary Campbell in 1964 from the Ruth Martin Papers and edited by Barbara Paterson"
The journey up on the train from Toronto, on the Steamship through the lakes and then the walk or wagon from North Portage to South Portage. This was before the samll train started, and the writer has North and South Portage reversed in her descriptions.

Missionary Cottages - From Spring 2015 Pen Notes, by Janet Matthews and Tony Moffat

North Muskoka Lakes Association Brochure - with ads, golf fees and a map of the area

"The Algonquin was built at South Portage"
An article by Robert D. Moffat, excerpt from the book "Penlake-Reflections on Peninsula Lake"

"In the Land of the Dippies. By Tim DuVernet, The Muskoka Sun, June 29, 1989

"The Village of Huntsville is Incorporated", March 25, 1886 and "Village Burns to the Ground", April 18, 1884

"Reflections of Springsyde", Letter written in 1972 to Tony Moffat by Janet Irwin

"A Lake's History" by Jennifer Brown, Huntsville Forester, July 6, 1994

"Book about Penlake by Association took 8 years to complete", by Gay Jefferson

Book Review of "Penlake - Reflections on a Lake" by Ev Van Duuren, Summer Passport, 1994

"The Algonquin was built at South Portage", by Robert D. Moffat, Muskoka Sun, Juoy 7, 1994

Penlake Book Launch

Penlake Book Launch (2)

"Jubilant Homecoming for Historic Portage Flyer"
Article from the Huntsville Forester, October 17, 1984

"Explaining North Muskoka's Unique Portage Railway"
A review of the book "By Steam Boat and Steam Train - The Story of the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway and Navigation Companies" by Niall MacKay, Boston Mills Press. Muskoka Sun, May 19, 1983 - Review of book by Robert J Boyer

"Remembering the Portage Flyer" Muskoka Sun, June 14, 1994

"Portage Flyer Comes Home to Muskoka", Toronto Star, October 11, 1984, by Frances Kelly

"Portage pike only a memory"- source unknown

"Navigation Played an Important Role", Huntsville Forester, by H.E. Rice, Centennial History Book of Huntsville, from April, 1964

Conquering the Portage
The Muskoka Sun, June 29, 1989 by Gary Long

Personal Tidbits

The Hills of Hillside The Muskoka Sun

"Weston Looses Noted Man in the name of John King Moffat", Weston Ontario paper, September 16, 1932

The Ballantines of Grassmere The Muskoka Sun, June 30, 1994
Peninsula Lake is briefly discussed in a book entitled "By Northern Lakes": Reminiscences of Life in Ontario Mission Fields by Walker, W. W. (William Wesley). Courtesy of Murat Vardar, Penlake resident, Hidden Valley

The Canal 2014:
This video was taken by Janet Matthews to be able to compare with the years ahead and developments of the Deerhurst property by Skyline Intl.

A Video of The Canal, 2014

Penlake Farms Golf Club:
Penlake Farms Golf Club score card, undated.


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